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Best Global Case Manager for Medical Escort

At RN Medflights, our caring case managers are dedicated to ensuring a smooth travel experience for medical escorts.

Case Managers are trained in airline medical policy and procedure. We provide comprehensive organization and coordination between discharging facilities, arrival locations, medical practices, physicians, and caregivers so you can arrive at your destination stress-free!

Our team is committed to getting the medical escort there prior to departure with ground transportation arranged - giving peace of mind that everything has been looked after!

Image by Romain Dancre
Image by Arlington Research

Your medical concerns are taken care of quickly and with expert precision

Our team is on standby 24-48 hours to make all the necessary clearances from both airlines and FAA so you can get up in the air as soon as possible!

Plus, our oxygen concentrators have been certified for commercial flights – expediting your approval process even further.


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RN Medflights is a reliable and experienced air ambulance service for safe, efficient, and compassionate patient transport.

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