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Get the Best Care with Medical Repatriation and an Air Medical Escort

RN MEDFLIGHTS simplifies all medical repatriation/evacuation needs by managing every detail from start to finish. We are an Air Ambulance Alternative that provides outstanding medical care on commercial airlines. Your dedicated Medical Escort Case Manager will assign a medical escort that will be at your side throughout your trip.  Prior to medical evacuation, our office will communicate with the healthcare team prior to travel so there is no gap in daily care during medical repatriation.

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What is Medical Repatriation?

Medical repatriation is the process of returning a patient to their home country for medical treatment. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as being injured, having a medical emergency, or needing to return home for further treatment.  It is used to provide patients with access to better medical care or to receive treatment for medical conditions that can’t be adequately treated at the patient’s current location. This process often requires an air medical escort to ensure that the patient arrives at the destination safely and in a timely manner.

Why Do You Need a Medical Repatriation Service?

RN MEDflights provides the best quality care for medical repatriation. We offer a complete medical repatriation service, complete with an air medical escort and specialized medical equipment, ensuring that your loved one gets the best possible care. Our experienced team of flight nurses and air medical escorts will provide the highest level of care, guaranteeing a safe and successful medical repatriation.

Receive reliable and safe medical transfer by air medical escort

Get access to specialized medical equipment for medical repatriation

Reduce time in transfer with the compassionate care of an experienced flight nurse

Experience cost-effective medical repatriation solutions worldwide

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Save Money with RN MEDflights Medical Repatriation

At RN MEDflights, we are committed to providing cost-effective medical repatriation services. Our experienced medical team and aircraft can provide you with the highest quality of care, while also saving you money. Our experienced team of medical professionals will ensure that you get the best medical care possible, all while saving you time and money.

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