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Transporting a passenger who cannot sit up for a flight is made easier with our specialized services.

Our Commercial Airline Stretcher service allows for the transportation of bedridden patients in North America and across the globe. However, please note that this service is not available for domestic flights within North America.

For a more personalized experience, RN MEDflights can organize a private jet service that includes a stretcher. This option provides the same level of care and comfort but with the added luxury of a private aircraft. RN MEDflights is able to provide this service anywhere in the world.


Both of these options are designed to safely and reliably transport individuals who cannot sit up during take-off or landing. They offer a cost-effective alternative to air ambulances, without compromising on the comfort and speed that our patients deserve.

Discover the world of commercial airline stretcher services with RN MEDflights. We connect North America with Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, taking care of the entire process to get your stretcher transfer approved and organized by the airline.

Say goodbye to exhausting road trips and unaffordable air ambulances. We offer basic non-critical care air ambulance services and private jet stretcher services, fully licensed and staffed by qualified aeromedical escorts. Now, bedridden travelers can experience comfortable and reliable transportation over long distances.

No matter where you need to go, our extensive network of air ambulance companies and airline stretcher service options ensures that we can organize the transport of stretcher patients across continents.

Image by Mat Napo

Experience hassle-free travel for stretcher-bound patients with RN MEDflights.

RN Medflights is a reliable and experienced air ambulance service for safe, efficient, and compassionate patient transport.

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