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Long Distance Air Travel With an Elderly Person or Chronic Medical Condition!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Are you worried about moving your loved one who needs care long distance? How do I move them? How do I find someone to help? ALL these worries! In the modern era of medicine, we are living longer with chronic diseases, medical conditions, and decreased mobility. Alzheimer's, Dementia, Respiratory conditions, diabetes, and Parkinson's Disease. Not to mention cardiac conditions and Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA/Stroke). These conditions make travel, flying, and getting in and out of a car extremely difficult. Doing all this yourself is probably confusing, exhausting, and stressful.

RN MEDFLIGHTS organizes medical travel with a medical escort

Organizing and communicating with the airlines, getting through the airport with a wheelchair, getting on the plane, and getting an immobile person in their seat. Yes, it can be done. However, do you trust the airline workers with your loved ones? Getting them from a wheelchair to an aisle chair and to their seat. The process consists of lifting them up or standing them with assistance and changing out the chairs. Many times, airline workers will pull on their arms and cause further injury.

Moving Long Distance
Moving Long Distance

Stress-Free Medical Travel

Airline travel may be easier than you think! Commercial Air Medical Escorts and Flight Nurses are trained to care for and assist in long-distance travel. At RN Medflight we communicate with your doctors, case managers, nurses, hospitals, rehab, and long-term care facilities. We make sure your loved one is safe to fly and has all the necessary medication and documentation for flight. RN Midflights will organize your ground transportation, airline tickets, and documentation for the airlines.

At the beginning of your travel, your personal medical escort and nurse will take charge! The medical escort with make sure you get to the airport safely by car, wheelchair van, or stretcher ambulance. When you arrive at the airport the medical escort will get all travelers checked in at the airport. If a wheelchair is needed, then they will secure a wheelchair for you. After check-in is complete you will be expedited through the TSA security checkpoint. The medical escort will communicate the client’s condition to the TSA Agent so they can be properly screened. After the security checkpoint, you will head to your gate for departure. At this time the medical escort will make sure you board first and proper assistance is available to get on the aircraft safely. During the flight, the medical escort will be next to the client to provide comfort, medication assistance, and peace of mind.

When connecting to another flight or the flight is over the medical escort will assist with departing the plane and getting through the airport. If connecting to another flight, then the medical escort will make sure the client is safely transferred to the next flight. After the flight, the escort will then take you to your waiting car service, wheelchair van, or stretcher ambulance. After the airport, your medical escort will stay with you until you reach your destination. Once you arrive at your destination the medical escort will make sure the client is safe and settled at the new location. If necessary, the escort will give a detailed report to the next medical provider, nurse, or caretaker. They will make sure all medications, medical records, and personal belongings are accounted for.

Does this sound like a lot? Because it is! The most important thing is you and your loved one. RN Medflights brings safety, care, and compassion to getting you home. We will be there all the way to ensure your travel is stress-free and safe for our clients. Feel free to check out our website at We offer free consultations and quotes. We work directly with clients, families, hospitals, and nurse case managers.


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